Sabki The Iron-Man

How on earth did he just do that?” a question that usually pops out from the ‘spectathletes’ each time they see Sabki emerges from the water after completing the swim, dashing towards his bicycle to continue the second discipline, cycling before he completes the gruesome race with running. Sabki is an awe to not only the spectators, but also fellow triathletes who race with him. The crowds love him and they always give him a big round of applause upon seeing him and cheer him on through out the race.Mohd Sabki Ariffin was born normal but lost his left arm due to a tragic road accident in 2000. To proof that nothing is impossible Sabki started swimming and got into triathlon for the first time in 2010. He decided to get serious in this new found sport that he loves in 2012. He even competed in IRONMAN which regarded as among the toughest competitions in Malaysia to proof that he can be at par or even better than able-bodied athletes besides preparing himself for bigger tournaments.In IRONMAN triathlon, Sabki is required to do 1.9km swim, 90.1km cycling and 20.2km running. Unfortunately, he did not manage to complete the race when he lost control of his bicycle while he was going downhill at high speed through a bumpy road before he fell off his bike although he was among the first twenty swimmers in the first triathlon discipline. Despite felling deeply sad and frustrated for not completing the race, Sabki was lauded and cheered by other triathletes who were inspired by him. He was also made an icon by them due to his determination, dedication and relentless spirit

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